Bridging Finance, Auction Finance, Land Loans & Exit Finance From 0.55%

Fast short-term bridging finance for developers, property investors, landlords & entrepreneurs. Get the cash you need in as little as 48 hours with our simple process. Borrow from £50k to £100m from 1 day to 24+ months with no exit fees on most loans.

Bridging Loans For...

  • Bridging Finance from £50k to £100m in 48hrs between 0.55% to 0.8% for most customers
  • Auction finance, development exit finance, land loans, refurbishment finance, bridge to let loans & large bridging loans
  • Bridging finance from 1 day to 24+ months
  • First-time & Experienced investors & developers
  • Upto 100% LTC Loans secured against the property
  • No exit fees (for most loans)

Bridging Loans We Don't Do

  • Financing below £50,000 
  • Very recent adverse credit issues

Bridging finance is a short term financing for property developers and investors that helps you to secure your property and land at very short notice. We can provide bridging finance from £50,000 up to £100 million for first-time and professional developers, investors, landlords & entrepreneurs. Our process is quick and easy, meaning you can get the finance you need in place when you need it most.

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bridging finance for professional property developers and investors

How Henray Capital Can Help With Bridging Finance?

  • Experienced or New Developers & Investors Welcome
    As long as your investment makes sound business sense, our bridging finance experts will get you the bridging finance you need in place.
  • Speed Matters
    Often developers and investors get an opportunity and need the finance in place within as little as 48 hours. If it can be done, we will get everything in place for you so you never miss out on a deal. 
  • Best Rates Available
    We work with a large panel of lenders and as every bridging finance request is unique, we'll offer the best possible rate to you. 

is it only professional developers & investors who can get access to a bridging loan?

We can arrange bridging loans for first-time and experienced developers or property investors. Our bridging loans go further still by being available to individuals, landlords & entrepreneurs who are looking at getting investment properties. 

You can have a bridging loan arranged as a private UK citizen, an expat or foreign national living or investing in the UK. As for companies they can be UK businesses, SPV's, funds, LLPs, executors, sole traders, partnerships and more!

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