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Property Auction Bridging Loan Finance

Access fast property auction finance loans. Access finance from £100k to £25m with fast approval in time to complete on your next auction property. 

Auction Bridging Loans For...

  • Bridging Loans from £100k to £25m
  • Auction Bridging Loans from 1 day to 24+ months
  • No exit fees (for most Auction bridging loans)
  • First & Second Charge Auction Bridging Loans

Auction Bridging Loans We Won't Do

  • Financing below £100k
  • Very recent adverse credit issues

When you know you're going to auction it helps to know that you've already secured the finance you need to complete on your property purchase fast and gives you the time you need to arrange longer term finance or even complete your development project. We can get your finance application for between £100k and £25m approved and ready for your visit to the auction house, so you can bid with confidence.

Apply For Auction Bridging Finance today and we'll get to work arrange fast affordable finance for you.

bridging finance for professional property developers and investors

How Can Henray Capital Help With Securing Auction Bridging Loans?

  • Experienced or New Developers & Investors Welcome
    It can be hard getting finance for the first property auction finance with some lenders. That's why we work with a large range of lenders on the market who specialise in different areas of property auction finance. If it can be done, then our expert partners will get the auction bridging finance you need in place for you right away.
  • Speed Matters
    To complete on a property at auction needs to be quick. Especially if the property is not yet suitable for a mortgage, its important to get fast but affordable finance. We can get access to property auction bridging finance deals which are both fast and affordable, so you can secure your property, develop it and arrange longer term finance or sell it. All with no exit fees in most cases! 
  • Affordable Auction Bridging Loans
    Every deal is different just like every property you purchase at auction is different from the last. Our partners will consider a wide range of criteria and offer you the best options that weigh up speed of access that you need and the affordability for your project to make sense. Just get in touch for a no obligation quote and application online.

who Are Bridging Loans for?

We have a large range of options to suit most your needs. A bridging loan can be arranged for first time buyers to secure land purchases or buy a property at auction in the UK. It is also commonly used for experienced developers funding large commercial or residential property development projects or when exiting the project to release some needed capital so they can start the next project.

The best way to find out is to request a quote. We'll then arrange for an expert bridging loan specialist to find out more about your project and who will do their very best to get you the bridging loan you need.

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