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Fast Bridging Loans UK

Access cheap bridging loans fast. Borrow from £100k to £25m with approval in as little as 48 hours and money in the bank within days to fund your project. 

Bridging Loans For...

  • Bridging Loans from £100k to £25m in 48hrs
  • Bridging Loans from 1 day to 24+ months
  • New & Experienced developers
  • Up to 100% Loans secured against the property
  • No exit fees (for most bridging loans)
  • First & Second Charge Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans We Won't Do

  • Financing below £100,000 
  • Very recent adverse credit issues

A bridging loan can help you secure a crucial time limited deal when arranging traditional finance is simply not possible or impractical due to the time constraints. Henray Capital works with a range of lenders and will help secure your bridging loan at the best possible rates and with no exit fees in most cases.  

We're able to secure a bridging loan from £100,000 to £25m for UK projects and this can be approved in as little as 48 hours with the cash available in just a few days. 

Request a quote today and we'll get to work arranging your bridging loan for you.

Need 100% Bridging Loans?

At Henray Capital we work with an extensive range of direct bridging loan lenders and bridging loan partners with access to the best rates in the market. We'll balance your need to act fast to secure your deal and provide you with a range of options to secure the bridging loan you need.

A bridging loan can be taken for commercial and residential projects. From purchasing land to financing temporarily whilst arranging a remortgage.

Request a bridging loan quote today if you'd like to find out more about our 100% bridging loans.

bridging finance for professional property developers and investors

How Can Henray Capital Help With Securing Bridging Loan?

  • Experienced or New Developers & Investors Welcome
    As long as your investment makes sound business sense, our bridging loan experts will get you the bridging finance you need in place.
  • Speed Matters
    Often developers and investors get an opportunity and need the bridging loan in place within as little as 48 hours and in other cases just a few days. If it can be done, we will get the deal in front of the right lenders and partners to make it happen for you.
  • Cheap Bridging Loans
    Bridging loans can vary from 0.55% and up. Our panel of lenders and partners have access to the best rates on the market for a variety of bridging loan requirements. Once we know about your project, we'll get it placed at the cheapest possible rate for you that also matches with the speed of securing the finance you need.

who Are Bridging Loans for?

We have a large range of options to suit most your needs. A bridging loan can be arranged for first time buyers to secure land purchases or buy a property at auction in the UK. It is also commonly used for experienced developers funding large commercial or residential property development projects or when exiting the project to release some needed capital so they can start the next project.

The best way to find out is to request a quote. We'll then arrange for an expert bridging loan specialist to find out more about your project and who will do their very best to get you the bridging loan you need.

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