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Cheap Land Bridging Loans Finance To Buy UK Land

Access cheap land loans fast. Get a loan for land between £100k to £25m with fast approval at the best finance rates in the UK available from a wide range of lenders. 

Land Loans

  • Land Loans from £100,000 to £25m in 48hrs
  • Land Loans from 1 day to 24+ months
  • New & Experienced Investors
  • No exit fees (for most Land loans)
  • 1st & 2nd Charge Land Bridging Loans

Land Loans We Won't Do

  • Financing below £100,000
  • Very recent adverse credit issues
  • Personal Financing Unless You Are A HNW Individual

When you need finance fast to secure a land purchase in the UK, then land bridging loans is the best possible solution to get access to cheap cash and fast! 

We can help secure your UK land loan from £100,000 to £25m for your next land purchase. Working with a wide range of lenders and partners, we'll ensure you not only get the best rates available in the market, our partners and lenders can get approval granted in just 48 hours.

Request a land loan quote today and we'll get to work arranging your land finance for you.

Need Cheap Land Loan Finance?

There's land finance and then there's cheap land loans. The market has a wide range of options and not every lender is best suited for your next land purchase. That's why we work with a wide range of lenders and partners, so that we can ensure your land loan deal is placed in front of the right lender to get you access to the best possible finance rates and easy access to the cash when you need it quickly. 

Get a land bridging loan quote now to start your application for approval.

bridging finance for professional property developers and investors

How Henray Capital Will Help You To Secure Your Land Loan

  • Experienced or New Developers & Investors Welcome
    Our land loan experts will get you the land loan finance you need in place fast. We work with new and experienced developers, ensuring that we place you with the right lender or partner who can get you the land finance you need and fast.
  • Fast Access To Your Land Loan
    Your land loan can be approved in as little as 48 hours from application with access to the cash within days.
  • Cheap Land Loans
    Working with an extensive network of land loan lenders and partners who specialise in land finance, we're able to offer the most competitive rates in the UK market today. 

who Are Land Loans for?

A land loan is for any person who wishes to purchase land to develop on, such as property developments or a commercial development project. A land loan is a bridging loan and often used before longer term development finance is secured to complete a development project.

If you're unsure if a land loan is right for you, reach out to us by requesting an online quote today. We'll ensure you know you options so you can make an informed decision.

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