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Swift, Strategic Financing for Short-Term Needs.

Why us

Bridging the Financial Gap with Precision

Henray Capital, a premier bridging finance broker in the UK, offers bridging loans designed for immediate financial solutions for property developers and investors. Whether it's a gap in funding, a property auction purchase, or a short-term liquidity need, our bridging loans ensure you're never left waiting. With competitive terms offering up to 90% of the purchase price for those below market transitions, or 75% of the OMV, our finance solutions are not only swift but also tailored to maximise your property's potential.

Why Opt for Henray Capital's Bridging Loans?

Navigating short-term financial needs can be challenging, but with Henray Capital, it becomes a seamless journey. Our bridging loans are more than just quick funds, they're a testament to our dedication to clarity, flexibility, and client-centric solutions. Dive into the advantages that set us apart in the bridging loan landscape. When it comes to bridging finance in the UK, Henray Capital offers unmatched speed, transparency, and adaptability.

Quick Turnaround

In the fast-paced world of property, we understand that time is crucial. Our processes ensure rapid approval and fund disbursement.

Transparent Terms

With clear terms and no hidden costs, you'll know exactly what to expect with our bridging loans.

Flexible Repayment Options

Our bridging loans come with adaptable repayment structures, catering to your unique financial situation.


Navigating the Bridging Loan Landscape

Bridging loans at Henray Capital finance brokerage cater to diverse scenarios faced by property developers and investors. Whether it's a quick property acquisition, post-development financial cushioning, or maintaining cash flow during transitions, our tailored offerings ensure swift and strategic financial solutions. With rapid approvals and client-centric designs, our bridging loans support your property aspirations seamlessly.

Active construction site of a Henray Capital-backed property development in progress
Residential Bridging Loans

Perfect finance option for quick property purchases or for those in between sale and purchase of homes.

Commercial bridging loan brokers UK for commercial property development
Commercial Bridging Loans

Designed for businesses, be it for buying premises, securing assets, or ensuring cash flow.

Property auction finance from Henray Capital UK finance brokers
Auction Finance

Ensure you have the funds ready for that winning auction bid, with our swift approval bridging loans.

Property Development exit finance and bridging loans UK brokerage
Development Exit Finance

Development exit finance provides UK developers with a financial cushion post-completion, before the sale of properties begins.

Heavy refurb finance brokers UK
Refurbishment Finance

From light refurb bridging to heavy refurbishment bridging for major overhauls, we ensure smooth financial progress for all refurbishment projects.

Henray Capital-financed modern residential development in London.
Mixed Funding Needs?

Get in touch with us today to discuss a range of mixed funding needs.



I have been working with Jenna at Henray capital for nearly a year and the service has been outstanding. I feel like I am dealing with a person not a company, the advice that is always given, the products that are offered has been second to none. I couldn’t recommend a better capital finance company for anything property or development related. Thank you Jenna.


Your Journey to Seamless Bridging Loans in Three Steps

Step 1: Consultation & Analysis


Begin with an in-depth consultation where our experts understand your Bridging project's unique requirements. We'll assess the feasibility and align our finance solutions to your development's specifics.

Step 2: Tailored Financing Options


Based on our analysis, we present a range of tailored financing options. From ground-up development loans to permitted development funding, discover solutions that resonate with your project's scale and ambition.

Step 3: Secure & Progress


Once you've selected the optimal finance route, our team ensures a smooth securing process. We'll work closely with all stakeholders, driving the deal to completion while you focus on bringing your Bridging Loans vision to life.


What's the maximum Loan-to-Gross Development Value (LTGDV) you offer?

At Henray Capital, we offer competitive LTGDVs tailored to your project's specifics. While typical offerings range from 65% to 75% LTGDV, we recommend discussing your project with our team to get a precise figure based on your requirements.

How quickly can I secure Bridging Loans through Henray Capital?

The timeline can vary based on the complexity of the project and the specific finance product. However, we've secured funding for clients in as little as a few days. Our dedicated brokers will guide you through the process of securing Bridging Loans, ensuring a swift and efficient experience.

Do you offer finance solutions for both residential and commercial developments?

Yes, Henray Capital specialises in financing solutions for a variety of property development projects, including both residential and commercial. Whether it's a residential housing project, a commercial build, or a permitted development like office-to-residential conversions, we've got you covered.

Are there any hidden fees associated with your property development finance solutions?

Transparency is a core value at Henray Capital. We have a clear and straightforward fee structure, with no hidden costs. All fees, including any associated with the chosen Bridging Loans solution, will be discussed upfront during the consultation phase.

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