property investors.

Development Finance Loans

Kickstart your project with development finance for new & experienced commercial companies and private property developers from £100k to £50m.

Development Finance For...

  • Development Finance From £100,000 Up to £100 million
  • Upto 100% LTC
  • New Builds & Conversions, houses, flats, Offices and commercial properties across UK & Europe.
  • Senior Debt, Stretched Senior Debt, Mezzanine, Equity and Joint Venture finance Available
  • First-time & Experienced Developers
  • Spread The Cost Of Development Finance

Development Finance We Don't Do

  • Financing below £100,000 
  • Any development for businesses who cannot operate due to COVID
  • Main personal residences

Development Finance Loans, Senior Debt Loans, Mezzanine Finance, Equity Finance & JV Finance

We can help with financing for experienced and first-time property developers needing anywhere from £100k to £100 million. Development loans are available on new builds or refurbishments on a range of properties such as houses, flats, shops, offices, industrial and other types of commercial buildings, including mixed-use developments. There is also bridging finance available in as little as 48 hours.

Our expert partners with over 25 years experience in development and commercial financing, will use their knowledge and experience to obtain the right financing for you.

Development finance in London UK financing loans, exit loans and bridging loans

Why Choose Henray Capital Development Finance?

  • New & Experienced Developers Welcome
    We welcome developers no matter what stage they are at. Private or commercial, experienced or first-time developers. If it's possible to get the funding you need for your development project, we will do our best to get it for you with loans up to 100% of the project.
  • Keep Developing With Exit Finance
    If you need to wrap up a development project to move onto a new development while you sell your existing project, we can arrange for exit finance over a term to suit you.
  • Time Matters To You So It Matters To Us
    We know that some deals are time sensitive and finance can hold you back from securing the deal you really need. That's why we aim to deal with your enquiry in an efficient manner and progress the application and draw down for you. 

do you provide both single-unit & multi-unit and mixed-use development finance in and out of the uk?

If you have a high spec single unit development project or a large multi-unit development project that needs financing, we'll be able to approach our partners and panel of lenders to arrange this for you. Our lenders will also provide mixed-use finance.

Financing can be arranged on units in the UK and across Europe. If you are looking further afield, still get in touch as we may be able to assist or put you in touch with someone who can.

Request a callback & no obligation development finance quote.